Logic System 


All synth everything: Hideki Matsutake released an album of synthesiser-ed James Bond themes in 1979, and later an album of video game music from Super Mario Brothers 3 as part of group Akihabara Electric Circus.

Logic System is the musical project of Hideki Matsutake who was the sequencer and synth programmer for Yellow Magic Orchestra between 1978-1982, often referred to as their fourth member. Before this he was the apprentice and later assistant to electronic 'space music' composer Isao Tomita.

Inspired by Wendy Carlos' album Switched On Bach, Matsutake started out in the industry arranging and programming for albums of Moog-ified popular songs (including a Beatles album), which were gaining popularity during the 70's. He was involved in the production of various releases from pop/new wave artists in Japan (and for each member of YMO's solo careers) throughout the 80's, and he somehow found the time to begin to record his own output in 1981 under the name Logic System.  

The tracks below are from the first and second albums respectively. While Matsutake hardly writes any of the material on them, his skills lie in the execution where he still manages to retain some groove even though technical precision is obviously his forte. The lyrics in Unit come from Beaudelaire, tricking me into thinking Logic System was French when I first heard this. Auto Collect, Auto Correct is my current morning pep song - I almost don't even need a morning coffee when I hear it, it's incredible. It was actually originally composed by Michael Boddicker for the 1981 sci-fi film Outland starring Sean Connery, for this scene.

  • Year: 1981
  • Album: Logic
  • Label: Express
  • Producer: Hideki Matsutake
  • Year: 1981
  • Album: Venus
  • Label: Express
  • Producer: Hideki Matsutake, Toshi Endo